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Double Pane vs Triple Pane Windows

Comparing Double Pane and Triple Pane Windows

Because of the extra layer of glass, a triple pane window provides more insulation and is more energy efficient than the more common double pane window.  This extra layer of glass allows for an extra layer of special coating as well as the added insulation provided by the dense argon or krypton gas.

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Many people don't have the time to shop for and install their own triple pane windows, so they rely on replacement windows services like ours.  We take the information you provide and find the best contractors in your area that can take care of your needs.  If you have any concerns, just mention them to the representative who contacts you.  We will help you get everything taken care of so you can start enjoying your new triple pane windows as soon as possible.

What Is The Special Coating For?

In all replacement windows, the special "low e rating" coating hinders radiant heat transfer. Because of these insulative properties, the temperature on the inside your home will not be affected as much by solar heat or outside cold.  With triple pane windows, almost no heat transfer occurs either into or out of your home.   will be lost from the inside or gained from the outside. With double pane windows, some heat transfer can (and does) occur.

Condensation Comparison

Because of the extremely low amount of heat transfer with triple pane windows, they do not develop as much condensation on the interior of the windows as do double pane windows.  Please try to keep in mind that double pane replacement windows can be just as effective as triple pane windows, depending on the overall E-rating for that window.

Drawbacks to Triple Pane Windows

There are a few things that triple pane replacement windows have against them when compared to double pane windows.The main one being the cost.  Triple pane windows can be quite expensive when compared to double pane.  The main reason for the popularity of triple pane windows is the reduced energy bills, and many homeowners look at them as investments that will be returned over time via lowered energy cost for the home. Another factor is their weight.  Triple pane replacement windows are heavier than dual pane windows, and a few structures may need to have their walls reinforced prior to installation. 

Custom double or triple pane replacement windows
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