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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

The energy efficiency of replacement windows is an important concern for anyone wanting to buy replacement windows for their home.  There is a huge difference in the efficiency of older windows compared to new replacement windows, so installing the most energy efficient windows in your home can reduce your heating and cooling bills significantly. 

What Makes New Windows Most Energy Efficient

Replacement windows are the most energy efficient choice because of their construction.  Window engineers have taken into consideration every aspect of efficiency including heat conduction of the materials used, reflective properties of the glass used and (in double and triple pane windows) the conductivity of the gas between the panes.

Heat Conduction of Window Frames

The frame of your window conducts heat from one side to the other.  Since different materials conduct heat at different rates, the best window manufacturers use only materials resistant to heat conduction.  Typically, tubular frames are constructed of UPVC (vinyl) to allow for air channels, as dead space has almost no conductive properties.

Reflective Properties of Glass

We have all marveled at the warmth that comes through a window when the sun hits the glass.  This is because a plain single pane of glass will conduct heat from one side to the other and may even amplify the heat.  Because of this, great care is being taken now to ensure glass will not magnify the light and will reflect much of the heat and light back to the source.  The most energy efficient replacement windows use special coatings to maximize efficiency.

Installation of Replacement Windows

The installation of your energy efficient replacement windows will be critical to getting the most energy savings from your investment.  A team professional windows installers will ensure there is enough insulation and all cracks and crevices are sealed.  Please, take a moment now to get a free quote for the purchase and installation of your energy efficient replacement windows.

Efficiency of Gas Between Glass Panes

Just as with the materials used for the frames, the space between the glass will resist heat transfer.  Because of the different properties of inert gases, experts found that some gases resist heat transfer more than others.  Usually the most energy efficient of replacement windows are filled with krypton, argon or another similarly dense gas.
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Energy efficient replacement windows

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